Tee-Moss (tee_moss) wrote in pockyclub,

Harry Potter Premiere Party

I'm organizing a bunch of friends for a convergence on the Gateway theater (no notthe cheap theater, the new one) in Eugene, OR for dinner and a movie. The current plan is for a bunch of us to meet up in as much costume as we can, eat dinner at Hometown Buffet, and then go over to the theater to watch Goblet of Fire.

This all happens opening weekend, Friday the 18th of November.
The same week as the anniversary game right pezkitty?

In addition to being a pockyclub sponsored event we are opening invitations to everybody from Kumoricon who loves Harry Potter or just wants to hang out with us. Heck, even if you're just in Eugene come on down that day and say hi!

If you can, join in on the discussion at the forums. This thread is where we're discussing costumes and hopefully rides (I'm in Forest Grove but will be going down that weekend for Lyle's game.) so more people can get there.

So if you've been thinking about travelling down to Eugene for some reason why not make it November. Get out of the house before you get put into a turkey coma the following week!
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