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Pocky Club Art Contest - 2008

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Pocky Club is sponsoring an Art Contest in the Creation Station at Kumoricon 2008. Entries can hand drawn or created on a computer. Entries do need to be in color. We will accept collaborations though, so if one person draws the entry another may ink or color it. Most importantly entries can be drawn before hand or during the convention, so you can hand in your entry at the Creation Station and then enjoy the rest of the convention. Or even email a high resolution version to pockyclub@gmail.com if you can't make it to Kumoricon itself. The judging in each category will be conducted by the Pocky Club membership present on Sunday Night/Monday Morning and Prizes will be awarded on Monday afternoon. Make sure to include your name and email address so we can get you your prize even if you aren't present.

What are the categories though? Here they are, decided upon at last!
All of the Pocky-Tans wear outfits with colors that match their boxes, visit the links to see a scan of the box.

Choco-Tan is friendly and cheerful, cute but not "sexy". She's never the prettiest or the best, but she always does her best and everyone loves her for it. Her hair is dark and not too long but not too short either. Always on the go helping others, she tends towards short skirts/shorts and sneakers, but she always fits in wherever she goes.

Straw-Tan is the sweetest of the bunch and the most popular. She reminds people of the typical popular cheerleader but she's so nice that it's really hard not to like her and her sunny disposition. She almost always wears dresses or skirts, but never in a fancy way. Like a low key lolita.
Note: There are several kinds of Strawberry Pocky. The small box cream, the old style chunk, and the new style chunk. Consider cream as a younger version if you like.

Men-Tan was called a tomboy when she was a kid. Now that she's older she still prefers darker outfits but will wear a skirt if it looks good. She is quite strong willed and independent, sometimes she can be bossy but it's because she . Her hair is long but she usually wears it up so it's out of her way. When she's off relaxing by herself, she will still lounge around in men's clothes.

Green Tea
Green-Tan is very conservative both in her dress and attitude. She keeps her clothes very business like, but she enjoys more traditional Japanese cloths like kimonos for special occasions. Her glasses and long hair give her a look of sophistication no matter what she wears. While she may be serious, that doesn't mean she never smiles. It just takes a lot to get a reaction from her subdued demeanor.
Note: There are several versions of Green Tea. The Mousse and the Marble. We are focusing on the Green Mousse.

Reverse-Tan has been given plenty of nicknames from her friends, like Poar-Tan or Pari-Tan. She's very introverted and never brings attention to herself. You're never quite sure what she's thinking. With all the changes nobody is even sure what her natural hair color is. She always keeps up with the latest trends but she keeps true to herself. It's just that she never opens up to others to let them know. Reverse-Tan may not wear exactly what those around her are wearing, but the colors of her outfits are usually a backwards version of her friends. Like white with red trim if her friend wears red with white trim.
Note: Reverse Pocky has also been called Poare and PariPo over the years but is always basically the same snack. This link takes you to our main pocky page so you can see them all.

Prizes will include a box of Pocky of the flavor appropriate to the category as well as a little bit extra. The main goal of the contest is to decide on the look for each Pocky-Tan so Pocky club can put together commissions from professional artists and also cosplayers dressed as the characters. Pocky Club will credit the original artists but will hold future rights to use the character as they see fit.
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