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May Meeting Update

Note: this is basically the same thing I sent out in the latest newsletter. To get the Pocky Club newsletter, just email pockyclub@gmail.com

OK, so we had a good time at the metting and got a lot of information on the convention. However I've been made aware that a lot of our members haven't seen the rules. So, straight from Fight Club, here's the Rules of Pocky Club.

1st RULE: You always talk about POCKY CLUB.

2nd RULE: You ALWAYS talk about POCKY CLUB.

3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, freaks out the glomp is over.

4th RULE: Only one cosplayer to a glomp.

5th RULE: One glomp at a time.

6th RULE: No chocky, no pretz.

7th RULE: Glompers will hold on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first convention at POCKY CLUB, you HAVE to glomp.

Well, there's the basics. Most of these are pretty important things to remember for safety and legal reasons. If we follow these guidelines we should all have an awesome convention.

OK, so at the meeting itself we found out something important. The table in artist's alley is going to cost us 25 dollars. This is good news, early rumors had been that it was going to be twice that much. This is going to be one of the new responsibilities for club members, working the table. We'll be splitting a table with the Survival Horror Society (that's our plan anyway) so we'll be able to split the tablesitting with them. I'll be contacting them to verify the plan.

Working at the table will mean you are responsible for the donation box, helping people with the No Glomp List and the Yes Glomp Lists, pockygram request forms, and (most importantly) explaining what all of the stuff means to people that come by. I'm going to try and get plug ins so that whoever is manning the table will be able to play some video games while they're there. Probably titles from the Survival Horror Society like silent Hill or Resident Evil. I'm going to be writing up the papers that we'll need at the table and I need you guys to come up with decorations for us to put on the front of the table and to hang behind us. I still have one of the giant paper pocky signs from last year the Nekochan made for us so we can definitely use that again. As soon as I have a schedule I'll let you guys know so that we can start making our own schedule of table shifts.

Speaking of schedules, I've guaranteed that our panel will be right after opening ceremonies. If you look on the map I've attached, the room is Live Panel 2. One of the two big panel rooms. We';re going to be able to pack a lot of people in there so we need a lot of ideas on how to entertain them. Nekochan will be runnin a duck-duck-goose game off to the side of course, but we need a lot more. I've asked if they have projectors available for that room and we might be lucky enough to get one. If we get a projector and are lucky enough to pick up a decent wifi signal I can conduct a tour of the Pocky website and even get a little translation done. It'll be great. We need more content though. So Everybody should come up with at least ONE idea of something we can do to fill time at the Pocky club panel. If Panda is with us again this year then we can end things with a conga line out the main doors and around the hotel back to the main events area.

The only other events that I won't be available during are the Cosplay (because I hope to be IN it with some of you) and the Live Action Sailor Moon Slumber Parties on Saturday and Sunday nights. Basically those are at the end of the day and are probably after the exhibitor's hall is closed anyway (another thing I'll get for the schedule). I'll be stopping by the table to check in a lot throughout the convention. So someone should be able to find me in case of a Club emergency.

I'm thinking about making the schedule a little more expansive than it was last year. We'll take pre-orders for pocky deliveries all the days before the convention and if we get any (last year we got two) then we'll deliver those on Saturday. Any orders we get on Saturday will be delivered on Sunday. Any orders that trickle in on Sunday will be dealt with as needed, if we can deliver them on Sunday that would be the best because I want you guys to basically have Monday off to enjoy the last day of the convention. Whoever mans the table on Monday will be able to veto orders, we'll only take delivery orders on Monday if we have someone willing and the cause is just. At the end of the convention I will be giving out some sort of awards to the members that helped out the club the most. Last year I had some CDs of japanese music and a video cd for Nekochan. I'll probably make some things this year for whoever helps the most, delivers (glomps) the most, and logs the most hours babysitting the table. I also want to arrange some pockygrams for our friends in the Survival Horror Society if we end up splitting a table with them.

One of our themes this year should be "Bring Pocky Club to Sakuracon!" I want to get at least one banner for this in the hopes that we'll have enough fans donate enough money for at least one of us to go to Sakuracon. Even if it's not enough to actually pay for full room and board, the registration fees and/or one night at the hotel would be mighty good. Last year the total donations were pretty close to 60 dollars. I'd bought 80 dollars worth of Pocky for the convention and I had about 25 left for the club at the end so I think we can stay afloat. This year I'm planning on only bringing the specialty flavours from Uwajimaya and then buying from the other vendors since they usually have great deals (like the $1 strawberry chunk last year!). This will also support the rest of the exhibitors, and thereby help the convention. If people can't give money they can definitely provide the box of pocky for us to deliver. I want to see just how much we get in donations this year so we must be very protective of the donation box and really promote so that people will want us at more conventions! Imagine if every convention that Kumoricon had a booth at, we had a booth right next to them?

Heh heh, I'll wrap things up with something I just realized. Pocky Club and Kumoricon staff are like the Church and State. The State runs things and keeps things moving and the Church operates within the rules of the State, but seperately, to make people happier. Of course Pocky Club will never be running people out of the convention for eating pretz or burning down booths that sell Fran. I thought it was funny though.

I hope to hear your ideas soon! Let's go Pocky Club!
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