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15th June 2008

tee_moss2:55pm: Pocky Club Art Contest - 2008
Crosspost on tee_moss, kumoricon, and pockyclub.

Pocky Club is sponsoring an Art Contest in the Creation Station at Kumoricon 2008. Entries can hand drawn or created on a computer. Entries do need to be in color. We will accept collaborations though, so if one person draws the entry another may ink or color it. Most importantly entries can be drawn before hand or during the convention, so you can hand in your entry at the Creation Station and then enjoy the rest of the convention. Or even email a high resolution version to pockyclub@gmail.com if you can't make it to Kumoricon itself. The judging in each category will be conducted by the Pocky Club membership present on Sunday Night/Monday Morning and Prizes will be awarded on Monday afternoon. Make sure to include your name and email address so we can get you your prize even if you aren't present.

What are the categories though? Here they are, decided upon at last!
All of the Pocky-Tans wear outfits with colors that match their boxes, visit the links to see a scan of the box.

Choco-Tan is friendly and cheerful, cute but not "sexy". She's never the prettiest or the best, but she always does her best and everyone loves her for it. Her hair is dark and not too long but not too short either. Always on the go helping others, she tends towards short skirts/shorts and sneakers, but she always fits in wherever she goes.

Straw-Tan is the sweetest of the bunch and the most popular. She reminds people of the typical popular cheerleader but she's so nice that it's really hard not to like her and her sunny disposition. She almost always wears dresses or skirts, but never in a fancy way. Like a low key lolita.
Note: There are several kinds of Strawberry Pocky. The small box cream, the old style chunk, and the new style chunk. Consider cream as a younger version if you like.

Men-Tan was called a tomboy when she was a kid. Now that she's older she still prefers darker outfits but will wear a skirt if it looks good. She is quite strong willed and independent, sometimes she can be bossy but it's because she . Her hair is long but she usually wears it up so it's out of her way. When she's off relaxing by herself, she will still lounge around in men's clothes.

Green Tea
Green-Tan is very conservative both in her dress and attitude. She keeps her clothes very business like, but she enjoys more traditional Japanese cloths like kimonos for special occasions. Her glasses and long hair give her a look of sophistication no matter what she wears. While she may be serious, that doesn't mean she never smiles. It just takes a lot to get a reaction from her subdued demeanor.
Note: There are several versions of Green Tea. The Mousse and the Marble. We are focusing on the Green Mousse.

Reverse-Tan has been given plenty of nicknames from her friends, like Poar-Tan or Pari-Tan. She's very introverted and never brings attention to herself. You're never quite sure what she's thinking. With all the changes nobody is even sure what her natural hair color is. She always keeps up with the latest trends but she keeps true to herself. It's just that she never opens up to others to let them know. Reverse-Tan may not wear exactly what those around her are wearing, but the colors of her outfits are usually a backwards version of her friends. Like white with red trim if her friend wears red with white trim.
Note: Reverse Pocky has also been called Poare and PariPo over the years but is always basically the same snack. This link takes you to our main pocky page so you can see them all.

Prizes will include a box of Pocky of the flavor appropriate to the category as well as a little bit extra. The main goal of the contest is to decide on the look for each Pocky-Tan so Pocky club can put together commissions from professional artists and also cosplayers dressed as the characters. Pocky Club will credit the original artists but will hold future rights to use the character as they see fit.

5th April 2008

tee_moss9:36am: Tom is a Sad Panda
I am dusting off this community to remind people it exists.
Also, Sakuracon ended last week.

I still have no Pocky. I don't think anyone at the con got pocky either.

This just proves that I cannot trust anyone to dedicate themselves to the club like I do. Everyone else has their own lives to lead and they will be off living them no matter what promises are made.

So apologies to the other conventions out there, Pocky club won't be visiting unless I myself am there. See you in a few years California!

Oh, and we're going back to our our NO STAFF roots pretty soon. We did better back then.

9th October 2007

tee_moss3:52pm: Ping!
Everyone welcome mirapira she actually noticed this LJ group!
(who could she be on the forums???)

Let me know if you guys think I should post newsletter summaries here. They'd probably be easier to read that way.....

Oh! This Saturday, we're going to be getting together for some October Birthdays. come to the Uwajimaya deli at noon to meet up with us and celebrate!

9th February 2007

tee_moss10:38pm: Know your Staff
I have unveiled my latest Pocky Club project. A webpage dedicated to the mysterious group known only as the Kumoricon staff.


If you've got better information or pictures please let me know.

Also, I hope to see all of you at the meetings this weekend!

Saturday, 11:00am at the Gateway Mall foodcourt in Springfield (just off of I5).

Sunday, 12:00 noon at the Lloyd Center Food Court

23rd January 2007

tee_moss7:43pm: January Meeting
The January Meeting opened with the magi of the badge printer. Once everything is set up and activated, The regisistration database will put a barcode on the badge. The badges can all be mailed out and then when the attendee arrives, all the pre-reg desk has to do is scan them in! The scan will bring up all the needed information on that attendee so they can hand in any paprwork that is left or just walk on in if they've already sent everything in. Presumably this system can also be used to add notations to barcodes, such as alerts for previous altercations with yojimbo and possibly instantaneous additions to the Red/Black list! All badges that are purchased at the door will be paper, like they have been in the past.

Alto-Nimbus/Kumoricon is now re-writing their bylaws. Staze, who is now the secretary even though nobody was told so before, announce that they are looking for suggestions to the bylaws. I find it rather amusing that they make the elections a staff only function and then go panhandling for bylaws.

Department news! We've already heard about Registration, but Ops really didn't have anything else to say, other than they were looking for some people to fill "key positions". Programming said similar things but at least I got some good information out of the Prog team later in the meeting. See the attachment notes below.

Jeff, the director of Publicity, mentioned the plans for a newsletter and the Street Team. He's looking for people that are interested in writing material for the newsletter, mostly articles about anime, fandom, attending conventions, costuming, and other things that will be of interest to congoers. They currently have two graphic artists onboard so it looks like they're in need of more content. I'm considering helping with this but I need to make sure I take care of my other obligations first. Jef was asking me to do some things for the newsletter in a recent email and even if I don't take him up on the staff position he offered I'm sure I can provide at least a little something for the newsletter.

Sean the Shark, Relations Director, was not present. This isn't suprising if you know Sean, but he supposedly blew out a tire on the drive down so he has a reason.... this time..... who knows what he was going to bring up, but there was one issue I mentioned so the other directors could pass it on. The second floor of the Con Space has a gallery wall. The convention center has a contract with a Vancouver art gallery that means the gallery basically owns the wall. Nothing in the convention can go up against that wall and the paintings there are all alarmed. I thought that it would be a good idea to contact the gallery and let them know about the convention. That way if they have any artists whose work would appeal to our demographic then they could schedule a display for Labor Day weekend.

I was also going to talk to Relations about food for the convention but without Sean himself there I'd just be passing on more notes. The food thing is something Sean should already be working on so i don't want to bother the others with it already. My idea was that we could get in touch with some of the noodle cart people who usually go to Saturday market in Portland and see if they could come to the park in Vancouver next door to the convention center and a source of asian food for the con goers who can't drive elsewhere and don't want to order delivery (especially since we don't know what places deliver there!). Relations has dealt with the eateries before and even gotten us coupons in the grab bags so Sean should already be working on this issue. I just want to give him my idea in person.

Finally, maps!

Here are the first and second floors of the hotel. I apologize for the lack of markings, I didn't have time to open photoshop up at work. If you want a map once I'm done then go ahead and let me know. I'll email you an editted copy later.

24th November 2006

tee_moss9:28pm: November Meeting
The Hilton/Convention Center seems small from the outside but it is very nice. Square footage matches and exceeds the last conspace though. There is a lovely park across the street that will have plenty of room for photoshoots and the Thai resteraunt and Subway across the park will get plenty of business since they're kind of the only food in sight.

The meeting got kicked off with Jeffimpressing everyone with his improvements to the website, notably a meeting calendar for the year, a gallery (at last!) and a lovely graphical link to pear's deviant art site. She was the one who design this year's Kumoricon mascot.

There was mention of Kumoricon branding by using the art of the homepage on EVERYTHING. What this means is that the flyers, posters, and all other items used to promote the convention will look the same as the website so it becomes "branded" into the public's mind. Hopefully we'll see more branded items than just the posters and fliers, which were only slightly different last year. I wonder when we'll have T-shirts ready for stasffers to wear out and about. Hmmm....

During the introductions (see last meeting's notes to find out who is who) Staze left out that he was in charge of Ops last year. A smart move on his part since his dropping the ball ended up in some of the worst parts of the convention and the most drama. Brownie already proved herself capable of being in charge of Ops since that's basically what she did during last year's convention.

Us plebes then got let in on some departmental news that supposedly came from their executive meeting earlier that day; most of which boiled down to who was going to be chosen as managers.

OPS- Brownie named Jeff Shelton as her Yojimbo Leader, Vallie (as in, the Pocky Club webmaster) will be the Assistant Registration Manager as well as the Volunteer Coordinator. Supposedly, the Registration Manager position will actually be filled by Meg this year. More on that later...

PROG- Programming had most of the top positions filled at the last meeting but Brenda is still in search of many positions. Due to the nature of the convention Programming is always in need of the most staffers to care for all of the events. Here are some of the positions that they still need filled; Panel Coordinator, Live Programming Coordinator, Fanfic Coordinator, Fanart Coordinator, and finally Contacts (note: I don't know why I wrote contacts...). Also Brenda promised that the forms for Panelists, Cosplayers, Budget requests, and Karaoke would all be online by January. I actually volunteered to help Brenda with that but have yet to be contacted. Remember, the meeting was one week ago.

Publicity always has room on the street team but Jeff is specifically looking for writers and graphic artists to help design advertisements and written pieces to send out to publications and online sites to spread the word about this year's convention.

Relations had a little more to say than expected this time. The usually-lurking Sean mentioned that Eric will once again be the one to talk to when it comes to the Exhibitor's Hall and Artists' Alley, this year he should have an easier job since there will actually be more room for them all. Sean is currently trying to get someone confirmed on the Charity Auction but more importantly he has positions for people. If you have a cellphone and a car, if you are over 21, charismatic and patient; then you could be a Guest Host. Hosts are basically responsible for tending to the needs of the convention guests and will need to be available during almost the whole convention. The Hosts will be taking the guests out for drinks, dinner, and whatever else they might want.

I mentioned earlier that Meg was taking a hand in registration this year. The convention is trying to buy an Acryllic badge printer, this would allow the convention itself to handle every step of the registration process. If everything works out we will be MAILING OUT BADGES at the end of each registration period! These badges will be hard plastic with the graphics and names stuck into the upper most layer of the badge, think of a credit card or most modern licenses. Very Nice for a con badge.

The AMV contest Coordinator, Guy, popped in at the meeting to mention that in addition to the usual show and contests, he hoped to host an Iron Chef competition this year! This is big new for us AMV fans. To learn more about Iron Chef AMVs check out Anime Music Videos.org

Before I go on to talk about the convention space allow me to provide this reports required dose of drama.
The evil plot to keep new blood out of the upper echelons has been revealed! The Old Guard wishes to continue padding their resumes with years of "Event Coordinator" experience so that they can garner the required 10 years they need to make the big bucks! It seems that Brenda's aunt does this for a living and makes 60,000 a year planning events for people. No wonder we only have one new person in the upper levels this year. Lucky for us it's Mr. Nice Guy Jeff and not some insidious pawn from Sakuracon. This makes it all too clear why Peter announced that elections would be staff-only in the future.

Despite it's remote location deep in the wilderness, The Vancouver Convention Center/Hilton provides a number of classy amenities that we've had nothing like at previous conventions. The convention will be split between the two main floors. The upstairs will have several rooms for panels and other events, whil the main floor has the ballrooms. The upstairs rooms (all named after trees) and all of the partions of the ballrooms have video screens next to their doors which can be set to display what is going on inside, a very nice feature as long as the programming of the screens is flexible enough. The Heritage Ballroom is the largest and thus will house Main Events. For those of you in attendance at K-Con 2005 it is similar in layout and presentation to the ballroom at the Double Tree. The Discovery Ballroom is at the dark, southern end of the Lobby and will likely be split between Gaming and Live Events (like Karaoke and the Dating Game). The lobby has two sets of bathrooms (only?) on either side of the East entrance and each ballroom has a lovely built in desk area for the convention to take advantage of. Beneath it all runs the parking garage, which will be closed off from the outside and used for the Exhibitor's area. I'm sure it will be very loud down there thanks to the mass of concrete in the structure, hopefully the layout will not cause claustrophobia.

The most intriguing thing about the location internally is the elevators. There are two elevators that extend all the way up to the top floors and one elevator that only goes between the three floors of the convention space. I sense that there will be a HUGE crowd around the elevators at all times and there will be constant confusion as to whether or not the con-goers will be able to get up to their room.

My general impression of the place is that the space for the convention to happen in will be very nice and utterly adequete but there will be tremendous bottlenecks in certain areas that the staff must be ready to deal with.

If you can find it, I'm sure it'll be great!

13th November 2006

tee_moss12:29am: Pocky Club Newsletter - Late!
Yes here you go. It's long so I give you an LJ cut.

Read more...Collapse ) My favorite of the lies is this:
guspasho "Believe it or not, Washington is just like Oregon. The only noticable differences are sales tax (which doesn't apply to Pocky and Ramune as food items, BTW!) and the lack of smoking in bars."

Thanks for being part of Pocky Club!
I hope you all had a great Pocky Day on November 11th!

5th September 2006

tee_moss8:54pm: Kumoricon 2006 club report
This year was a great success for Pocky Club and a good sign of things to come. I'm going to be crossposting this to the newsletter and the LJ community to save myself some time. I'd really like to start using the community more but there's only a few of us on Livejournal. Hopefully that will change when we finally branch out to more conventions!

So here's a mini-report for how club business went at the convention.

Friday night most of us arrived and met in person. I got a bunch of word out while I worked the pre-reg line and even recruited a few new members!

Saturday we had our panel, which was quite harrowing. It seems that the programming staff forgot how much room we needed and moved us from Live 1 ( a big room that seats 100) to Panel 1 (which seats 30). Last year we overflowed a room that seated 50. We could have packed Live 1 more as well if Opening ceremonies hadn't run late. We had a lot of fun explaining ourselves and sharing some yummy pocky flavors that a lot of people in the audience had never heard of, like pineapple and Murasaki Imo.

Over the course of the day Princess Ruki and Neko chan(teh_otaku) did a ton of fund raising. We ended up getting over 100 dollars in donations! Not exactly a profit since we had more than 40 delivery forms turned in, that's a lot of Pocky at 2 dollars a box. But still more money than we got last year. We also got a page and a half more people added to the Yes glomp list, which helps us streamline our system even more!

Sunday was the big day for us on two fronts. That's the day we all delivered the Pocky and also when we did our cosplay. We had an 8 in 10 success rate, which is good enough for most businesses, and the ones that we couldn't delivery weren't for lack of trying. About 10 orders didn't have cell numbers or room numbers and some of the people who had given their numbers refused to cooperate. A couple of the no phone number people I recognized while out and about (thanks to the good descriptions on the forms) and helped them get Pocky anyway.

Our biggest stumbling block in both our not-winning cosplay (I'm not bitter about stealing stuff from the internet!) and the problems with delivery is personel. It's hard to figure out who gets to make a delivery when we barely have any of the actual characters asked for. I love all you guys and you did a great job with your costumes, we just need to figure out how we can recruit people with the more popular costumes. Like Inuyasha, Death Note, FMA and (of course) Naruto. If we had an ed Elric and an Alucard cosplayer they'd be doing half our work for us. As it is we conscripted at least five people (including the wonderful Superjaz's brother as Roy Mustang and the famous Bakazoku Joe) to help out as it was. I never heard any complaints from the people who got the pocky though, did you?

I will take the step now and ask you guys to do me a favor. even if you don't have to do any deliveries and don't take part in any other Club activities this year. When the convention rolls around try and have at least one costume specifically selected for delivering Pocky. Even if its old or cheap it will be great for the people we deliver to.

Monday was a little bit of clean up and awards presentation. We didn't have a meeting so don't worry about missing anything. As expected, Ruki, Neko and superjaz were rewarded for their valiant efforts. I would have given you all more Pocky as well had the exhibitors not sold out!

We also had a part in the charity auction on sunday. We provided an autographed poster (which I had hoped to get more of us on but that's OK, there's always next year) that I'm told sold for 8 dollars. I know that our mystery boxes went as well but I don't know for how much. The winner of the Giant Pocky did get ahold of me and receive his prize (I'd have a picture if I had been able to burn them to CD.) but I don't know how much their bidding got up to. Next year we'll hopefully have more items for them.

Now onward to new business!
We had quite a few new people at the convention, and a lot of them wanted to join! Let me introduce those of you who are on the mailing list to our newest members, (note, the emails will be taken out of the LJ posting, email pockyclub@gmail.com for more information)

Daniyel Grancich
Dakota Schuck
Bridgette Butler
Shayna O'dee
Megan Price
Kaelia (tomo)
Lynn Rice Coffin
Keith Davis
Jill M (Chi)
Maryanne Best

We also had one of the staffer/yojimbo guys contact me, but don't think I ever learned his name. Heh heh.

If you know any mistakes I made above please respond with the correct information.

OK, I'm running out of steam right now so I'm going to wrap things up. I'm going to contact you guys after the next Kumoricon meeting with what will likely be my Election Report. Let me tell you, from what I've seen there's going to be plenty of drama involved and I'm guessing that we'll have a couple of Banana Republic style forced ballots.

Please respond so we can all get to know each other.

My primary convention report can be found at my journal tee_moss
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23rd May 2006

tee_moss12:18pm: May Meeting Update
Note: this is basically the same thing I sent out in the latest newsletter. To get the Pocky Club newsletter, just email pockyclub@gmail.com

OK, so we had a good time at the metting and got a lot of information on the convention. However I've been made aware that a lot of our members haven't seen the rules. So, straight from Fight Club, here's the Rules of Pocky Club.

1st RULE: You always talk about POCKY CLUB.

2nd RULE: You ALWAYS talk about POCKY CLUB.

3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, freaks out the glomp is over.

4th RULE: Only one cosplayer to a glomp.

5th RULE: One glomp at a time.

6th RULE: No chocky, no pretz.

7th RULE: Glompers will hold on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first convention at POCKY CLUB, you HAVE to glomp.

Well, there's the basics. Most of these are pretty important things to remember for safety and legal reasons. If we follow these guidelines we should all have an awesome convention.

OK, so at the meeting itself we found out something important. The table in artist's alley is going to cost us 25 dollars. This is good news, early rumors had been that it was going to be twice that much. This is going to be one of the new responsibilities for club members, working the table. We'll be splitting a table with the Survival Horror Society (that's our plan anyway) so we'll be able to split the tablesitting with them. I'll be contacting them to verify the plan.

Working at the table will mean you are responsible for the donation box, helping people with the No Glomp List and the Yes Glomp Lists, pockygram request forms, and (most importantly) explaining what all of the stuff means to people that come by. I'm going to try and get plug ins so that whoever is manning the table will be able to play some video games while they're there. Probably titles from the Survival Horror Society like silent Hill or Resident Evil. I'm going to be writing up the papers that we'll need at the table and I need you guys to come up with decorations for us to put on the front of the table and to hang behind us. I still have one of the giant paper pocky signs from last year the Nekochan made for us so we can definitely use that again. As soon as I have a schedule I'll let you guys know so that we can start making our own schedule of table shifts.

Speaking of schedules, I've guaranteed that our panel will be right after opening ceremonies. If you look on the map I've attached, the room is Live Panel 2. One of the two big panel rooms. We';re going to be able to pack a lot of people in there so we need a lot of ideas on how to entertain them. Nekochan will be runnin a duck-duck-goose game off to the side of course, but we need a lot more. I've asked if they have projectors available for that room and we might be lucky enough to get one. If we get a projector and are lucky enough to pick up a decent wifi signal I can conduct a tour of the Pocky website and even get a little translation done. It'll be great. We need more content though. So Everybody should come up with at least ONE idea of something we can do to fill time at the Pocky club panel. If Panda is with us again this year then we can end things with a conga line out the main doors and around the hotel back to the main events area.

The only other events that I won't be available during are the Cosplay (because I hope to be IN it with some of you) and the Live Action Sailor Moon Slumber Parties on Saturday and Sunday nights. Basically those are at the end of the day and are probably after the exhibitor's hall is closed anyway (another thing I'll get for the schedule). I'll be stopping by the table to check in a lot throughout the convention. So someone should be able to find me in case of a Club emergency.

I'm thinking about making the schedule a little more expansive than it was last year. We'll take pre-orders for pocky deliveries all the days before the convention and if we get any (last year we got two) then we'll deliver those on Saturday. Any orders we get on Saturday will be delivered on Sunday. Any orders that trickle in on Sunday will be dealt with as needed, if we can deliver them on Sunday that would be the best because I want you guys to basically have Monday off to enjoy the last day of the convention. Whoever mans the table on Monday will be able to veto orders, we'll only take delivery orders on Monday if we have someone willing and the cause is just. At the end of the convention I will be giving out some sort of awards to the members that helped out the club the most. Last year I had some CDs of japanese music and a video cd for Nekochan. I'll probably make some things this year for whoever helps the most, delivers (glomps) the most, and logs the most hours babysitting the table. I also want to arrange some pockygrams for our friends in the Survival Horror Society if we end up splitting a table with them.

One of our themes this year should be "Bring Pocky Club to Sakuracon!" I want to get at least one banner for this in the hopes that we'll have enough fans donate enough money for at least one of us to go to Sakuracon. Even if it's not enough to actually pay for full room and board, the registration fees and/or one night at the hotel would be mighty good. Last year the total donations were pretty close to 60 dollars. I'd bought 80 dollars worth of Pocky for the convention and I had about 25 left for the club at the end so I think we can stay afloat. This year I'm planning on only bringing the specialty flavours from Uwajimaya and then buying from the other vendors since they usually have great deals (like the $1 strawberry chunk last year!). This will also support the rest of the exhibitors, and thereby help the convention. If people can't give money they can definitely provide the box of pocky for us to deliver. I want to see just how much we get in donations this year so we must be very protective of the donation box and really promote so that people will want us at more conventions! Imagine if every convention that Kumoricon had a booth at, we had a booth right next to them?

Heh heh, I'll wrap things up with something I just realized. Pocky Club and Kumoricon staff are like the Church and State. The State runs things and keeps things moving and the Church operates within the rules of the State, but seperately, to make people happier. Of course Pocky Club will never be running people out of the convention for eating pretz or burning down booths that sell Fran. I thought it was funny though.

I hope to hear your ideas soon! Let's go Pocky Club!

2nd February 2006

tee_moss12:37am: February Meeting! 02-18-06
That's right! The time has come for us to gather again under the banner of chocolate and cookie!
Not literally of course though!

First; the date of the next meeting is SATURDAY, February 18th. We'll be meeting for lunch so I figure noon will work unless you all have a problem with it.

This month Pocky club will be meeting at the convention hotel for this year!

Red Lion on the River
909 N. Hayden Island Drive
Portland, OR 97217
Tel: 503-283-4466
Red Lion Hotel on the River, Jantzen Beach is conveniently located on the
scenic Columbia River, 10 minutes from downtown Portland, 15 minutes from
the Portland International Airport via our complimentary airport
transportation and close to all Portland attractions, major businesses and
the spectacular Columbia River Gorge. Jantzen Beach SuperCenter is less than
a half-mile away.

Isn't that nice. It's the blurb from the website. We'll be eating lunch at the hotel restaurant because that's what the lady at the hotel suggested. It will be good to know how many people to expect so that we can tell them how many tables to reserve! So please reply to me if you'll be coming. I know this is short notice for some of you so I understand if you can't come!

If you need to know how to get there this might help. http://maps.google.com/

If you're already in the Portland are then why not give tri-Met a chance? They have a bus that goes right near there, it's the 5! http://www.trimet.org/schedule/r006.htm This is about 40 minutes from downtown, and good news to our Vancouver visitors! If you will be driving up from the south I suggest hopping over the bridge to vancouver just to say that you went to Washington over the weekend!

This months meeting will be focusing on Sakuracon. I know some of you, like Ruki will be going, but will there be enough for Pocky club to actually work!? If we can get a team of at LEAST five people there I think Pocky Club could get up to operational status. That'd be two delivery people and two ecort people for them, with one person to run logistics (which is a fancy word for paperwork). I can of course supply the clip boards and we'll all need to pitch in for the pocky. A good bit of Pocky can be bought on site of course but we can't depend on the dollar-box-strawberry gold mine that was at Kumoricon '05! So if you're going to Sakuracon make an especially valiant effort to show up at the next meeting!

Finally, we have a new staff member! Everyone welcome Tarock, Pocky club's Official Translator and Calligrapher! *applause* He's been working hard ( you are a he right? ^_^;) at getting us some slogans in romanji and I'm sure he'll have some low grade kanji art for us soon enough. I've also been given the dangerous tool of an English-to-Japanese dictionary so you can expect to get very bad phrases in every newsletter from now on! Let's start with an official translation though first hmmm?

"Pocky Victory!"
pokkii no shouri desu
That's it, see you all on the 18th!
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27th October 2005

tee_moss9:53am: Bakazoku Flavors
Posted here, just in case they fade from my shirt:

Joe- Azuki Bean Pocky
Chris- Strawberry Pocky
Stark- Pocky Mousse
Jeremiah- Men's Pocky
Brian- Decorer Pocky

I also happen to know that Madame Stark happens to like Men's Pocky as well.
I shall try and assemble more information as I come to it.

Current mission, discover
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Posted here, just in case they fade from my shirt:

Joe- Azuki Bean Pocky
Chris- Strawberry Pocky
Stark- Pocky Mousse
Jeremiah- Men's Pocky
Brian- Decorer Pocky

I also happen to know that Madame Stark happens to like Men's Pocky as well.
I shall try and assemble more information as I come to it.

Current mission, discover <lj-user="chibi_arwen"> 's favorite flavor!

11th October 2005

tee_moss7:00pm: Harry Potter Premiere Party
I'm organizing a bunch of friends for a convergence on the Gateway theater (no notthe cheap theater, the new one) in Eugene, OR for dinner and a movie. The current plan is for a bunch of us to meet up in as much costume as we can, eat dinner at Hometown Buffet, and then go over to the theater to watch Goblet of Fire.

This all happens opening weekend, Friday the 18th of November.
The same week as the anniversary game right pezkitty?

In addition to being a pockyclub sponsored event we are opening invitations to everybody from Kumoricon who loves Harry Potter or just wants to hang out with us. Heck, even if you're just in Eugene come on down that day and say hi!

If you can, join in on the discussion at the forums. This thread is where we're discussing costumes and hopefully rides (I'm in Forest Grove but will be going down that weekend for Lyle's game.) so more people can get there.

So if you've been thinking about travelling down to Eugene for some reason why not make it November. Get out of the house before you get put into a turkey coma the following week!

10th September 2005

tee_moss1:47pm: First off let's start this newsletter with the Pocky club rules!

1st RULE: You always talk about POCKY CLUB.

2nd RULE: You ALWAYS talk about POCKY CLUB.

3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, freaks out the glomp is over.

4th RULE: Only one cosplayer to a glomp.

5th RULE: One glomp at a time.

6th RULE: No chocky, no pretz.

7th RULE: Glompers will hold on as long as they have to.

8th RULE: If this is your first convention at POCKY CLUB, you HAVE to glomp.
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