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January Meeting

The January Meeting opened with the magi of the badge printer. Once everything is set up and activated, The regisistration database will put a barcode on the badge. The badges can all be mailed out and then when the attendee arrives, all the pre-reg desk has to do is scan them in! The scan will bring up all the needed information on that attendee so they can hand in any paprwork that is left or just walk on in if they've already sent everything in. Presumably this system can also be used to add notations to barcodes, such as alerts for previous altercations with yojimbo and possibly instantaneous additions to the Red/Black list! All badges that are purchased at the door will be paper, like they have been in the past.

Alto-Nimbus/Kumoricon is now re-writing their bylaws. Staze, who is now the secretary even though nobody was told so before, announce that they are looking for suggestions to the bylaws. I find it rather amusing that they make the elections a staff only function and then go panhandling for bylaws.

Department news! We've already heard about Registration, but Ops really didn't have anything else to say, other than they were looking for some people to fill "key positions". Programming said similar things but at least I got some good information out of the Prog team later in the meeting. See the attachment notes below.

Jeff, the director of Publicity, mentioned the plans for a newsletter and the Street Team. He's looking for people that are interested in writing material for the newsletter, mostly articles about anime, fandom, attending conventions, costuming, and other things that will be of interest to congoers. They currently have two graphic artists onboard so it looks like they're in need of more content. I'm considering helping with this but I need to make sure I take care of my other obligations first. Jef was asking me to do some things for the newsletter in a recent email and even if I don't take him up on the staff position he offered I'm sure I can provide at least a little something for the newsletter.

Sean the Shark, Relations Director, was not present. This isn't suprising if you know Sean, but he supposedly blew out a tire on the drive down so he has a reason.... this time..... who knows what he was going to bring up, but there was one issue I mentioned so the other directors could pass it on. The second floor of the Con Space has a gallery wall. The convention center has a contract with a Vancouver art gallery that means the gallery basically owns the wall. Nothing in the convention can go up against that wall and the paintings there are all alarmed. I thought that it would be a good idea to contact the gallery and let them know about the convention. That way if they have any artists whose work would appeal to our demographic then they could schedule a display for Labor Day weekend.

I was also going to talk to Relations about food for the convention but without Sean himself there I'd just be passing on more notes. The food thing is something Sean should already be working on so i don't want to bother the others with it already. My idea was that we could get in touch with some of the noodle cart people who usually go to Saturday market in Portland and see if they could come to the park in Vancouver next door to the convention center and a source of asian food for the con goers who can't drive elsewhere and don't want to order delivery (especially since we don't know what places deliver there!). Relations has dealt with the eateries before and even gotten us coupons in the grab bags so Sean should already be working on this issue. I just want to give him my idea in person.

Finally, maps!

Here are the first and second floors of the hotel. I apologize for the lack of markings, I didn't have time to open photoshop up at work. If you want a map once I'm done then go ahead and let me know. I'll email you an editted copy later.
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