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November Meeting

The Hilton/Convention Center seems small from the outside but it is very nice. Square footage matches and exceeds the last conspace though. There is a lovely park across the street that will have plenty of room for photoshoots and the Thai resteraunt and Subway across the park will get plenty of business since they're kind of the only food in sight.

The meeting got kicked off with Jeffimpressing everyone with his improvements to the website, notably a meeting calendar for the year, a gallery (at last!) and a lovely graphical link to pear's deviant art site. She was the one who design this year's Kumoricon mascot.

There was mention of Kumoricon branding by using the art of the homepage on EVERYTHING. What this means is that the flyers, posters, and all other items used to promote the convention will look the same as the website so it becomes "branded" into the public's mind. Hopefully we'll see more branded items than just the posters and fliers, which were only slightly different last year. I wonder when we'll have T-shirts ready for stasffers to wear out and about. Hmmm....

During the introductions (see last meeting's notes to find out who is who) Staze left out that he was in charge of Ops last year. A smart move on his part since his dropping the ball ended up in some of the worst parts of the convention and the most drama. Brownie already proved herself capable of being in charge of Ops since that's basically what she did during last year's convention.

Us plebes then got let in on some departmental news that supposedly came from their executive meeting earlier that day; most of which boiled down to who was going to be chosen as managers.

OPS- Brownie named Jeff Shelton as her Yojimbo Leader, Vallie (as in, the Pocky Club webmaster) will be the Assistant Registration Manager as well as the Volunteer Coordinator. Supposedly, the Registration Manager position will actually be filled by Meg this year. More on that later...

PROG- Programming had most of the top positions filled at the last meeting but Brenda is still in search of many positions. Due to the nature of the convention Programming is always in need of the most staffers to care for all of the events. Here are some of the positions that they still need filled; Panel Coordinator, Live Programming Coordinator, Fanfic Coordinator, Fanart Coordinator, and finally Contacts (note: I don't know why I wrote contacts...). Also Brenda promised that the forms for Panelists, Cosplayers, Budget requests, and Karaoke would all be online by January. I actually volunteered to help Brenda with that but have yet to be contacted. Remember, the meeting was one week ago.

Publicity always has room on the street team but Jeff is specifically looking for writers and graphic artists to help design advertisements and written pieces to send out to publications and online sites to spread the word about this year's convention.

Relations had a little more to say than expected this time. The usually-lurking Sean mentioned that Eric will once again be the one to talk to when it comes to the Exhibitor's Hall and Artists' Alley, this year he should have an easier job since there will actually be more room for them all. Sean is currently trying to get someone confirmed on the Charity Auction but more importantly he has positions for people. If you have a cellphone and a car, if you are over 21, charismatic and patient; then you could be a Guest Host. Hosts are basically responsible for tending to the needs of the convention guests and will need to be available during almost the whole convention. The Hosts will be taking the guests out for drinks, dinner, and whatever else they might want.

I mentioned earlier that Meg was taking a hand in registration this year. The convention is trying to buy an Acryllic badge printer, this would allow the convention itself to handle every step of the registration process. If everything works out we will be MAILING OUT BADGES at the end of each registration period! These badges will be hard plastic with the graphics and names stuck into the upper most layer of the badge, think of a credit card or most modern licenses. Very Nice for a con badge.

The AMV contest Coordinator, Guy, popped in at the meeting to mention that in addition to the usual show and contests, he hoped to host an Iron Chef competition this year! This is big new for us AMV fans. To learn more about Iron Chef AMVs check out Anime Music Videos.org

Before I go on to talk about the convention space allow me to provide this reports required dose of drama.
The evil plot to keep new blood out of the upper echelons has been revealed! The Old Guard wishes to continue padding their resumes with years of "Event Coordinator" experience so that they can garner the required 10 years they need to make the big bucks! It seems that Brenda's aunt does this for a living and makes 60,000 a year planning events for people. No wonder we only have one new person in the upper levels this year. Lucky for us it's Mr. Nice Guy Jeff and not some insidious pawn from Sakuracon. This makes it all too clear why Peter announced that elections would be staff-only in the future.

Despite it's remote location deep in the wilderness, The Vancouver Convention Center/Hilton provides a number of classy amenities that we've had nothing like at previous conventions. The convention will be split between the two main floors. The upstairs will have several rooms for panels and other events, whil the main floor has the ballrooms. The upstairs rooms (all named after trees) and all of the partions of the ballrooms have video screens next to their doors which can be set to display what is going on inside, a very nice feature as long as the programming of the screens is flexible enough. The Heritage Ballroom is the largest and thus will house Main Events. For those of you in attendance at K-Con 2005 it is similar in layout and presentation to the ballroom at the Double Tree. The Discovery Ballroom is at the dark, southern end of the Lobby and will likely be split between Gaming and Live Events (like Karaoke and the Dating Game). The lobby has two sets of bathrooms (only?) on either side of the East entrance and each ballroom has a lovely built in desk area for the convention to take advantage of. Beneath it all runs the parking garage, which will be closed off from the outside and used for the Exhibitor's area. I'm sure it will be very loud down there thanks to the mass of concrete in the structure, hopefully the layout will not cause claustrophobia.

The most intriguing thing about the location internally is the elevators. There are two elevators that extend all the way up to the top floors and one elevator that only goes between the three floors of the convention space. I sense that there will be a HUGE crowd around the elevators at all times and there will be constant confusion as to whether or not the con-goers will be able to get up to their room.

My general impression of the place is that the space for the convention to happen in will be very nice and utterly adequete but there will be tremendous bottlenecks in certain areas that the staff must be ready to deal with.

If you can find it, I'm sure it'll be great!
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