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February Meeting! 02-18-06

That's right! The time has come for us to gather again under the banner of chocolate and cookie!
Not literally of course though!

First; the date of the next meeting is SATURDAY, February 18th. We'll be meeting for lunch so I figure noon will work unless you all have a problem with it.

This month Pocky club will be meeting at the convention hotel for this year!

Red Lion on the River
909 N. Hayden Island Drive
Portland, OR 97217
Tel: 503-283-4466
Red Lion Hotel on the River, Jantzen Beach is conveniently located on the
scenic Columbia River, 10 minutes from downtown Portland, 15 minutes from
the Portland International Airport via our complimentary airport
transportation and close to all Portland attractions, major businesses and
the spectacular Columbia River Gorge. Jantzen Beach SuperCenter is less than
a half-mile away.

Isn't that nice. It's the blurb from the website. We'll be eating lunch at the hotel restaurant because that's what the lady at the hotel suggested. It will be good to know how many people to expect so that we can tell them how many tables to reserve! So please reply to me if you'll be coming. I know this is short notice for some of you so I understand if you can't come!

If you need to know how to get there this might help. http://maps.google.com/

If you're already in the Portland are then why not give tri-Met a chance? They have a bus that goes right near there, it's the 5! http://www.trimet.org/schedule/r006.htm This is about 40 minutes from downtown, and good news to our Vancouver visitors! If you will be driving up from the south I suggest hopping over the bridge to vancouver just to say that you went to Washington over the weekend!

This months meeting will be focusing on Sakuracon. I know some of you, like Ruki will be going, but will there be enough for Pocky club to actually work!? If we can get a team of at LEAST five people there I think Pocky Club could get up to operational status. That'd be two delivery people and two ecort people for them, with one person to run logistics (which is a fancy word for paperwork). I can of course supply the clip boards and we'll all need to pitch in for the pocky. A good bit of Pocky can be bought on site of course but we can't depend on the dollar-box-strawberry gold mine that was at Kumoricon '05! So if you're going to Sakuracon make an especially valiant effort to show up at the next meeting!

Finally, we have a new staff member! Everyone welcome Tarock, Pocky club's Official Translator and Calligrapher! *applause* He's been working hard ( you are a he right? ^_^;) at getting us some slogans in romanji and I'm sure he'll have some low grade kanji art for us soon enough. I've also been given the dangerous tool of an English-to-Japanese dictionary so you can expect to get very bad phrases in every newsletter from now on! Let's start with an official translation though first hmmm?

"Pocky Victory!"
pokkii no shouri desu
That's it, see you all on the 18th!
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